Stellar Advantage

Stellar Advantage

Stellar is an award-winning airport retail operator with nearly 30 years of experience. Our corporate culture and innovative approach have created spectacular growth and success for the company, and for our airport partners. We deliver integrity, creativity and superior financial returns, and cultivate long-term partnerships in every aspect of our business.

Stellar Standards

The Stellar Standards guides everything we do. We exist because our vision is to create the optimal shopping experience for airport travelers. It is apparent in the design of every store, the friendly service offered by our dedicated staff and the selection and pricing of our on-trend merchandise. Recognized by the industry as the “Best Overall Retailer” in the Small Company category, by Airport Revenue News, Stellar sets the standard for exceptional airport retail.

Stellar Team

Our management and team represent a group of experienced and diverse individuals. At Stellar, we foster opportunity for growth for our team members. Our average length of service is over 10 years. At Stellar, we share a common mission, a core purpose and core values, and our ability to innovate and execute quickly is the result of our drive. As skilled and experienced leaders, our award-winning performance and stellar reputation results from our accountability, strong financial returns and always putting our customer first.

Stellar Portfolio

Stellar has an extensive portfolio of 38 stores in 10 U.S. airports.
Our variety of stores include:

  • News/Convenience
  • Specialty including regional, national and international brands
  • Proprietary brand concepts

Always innovating, our vision and retail creativity has allowed us to develop our own proprietary brands as well as introduce new and exciting concepts to airports.

Susan and her team have delivered beautiful stores that are well merchandised and provide exceptional customer service.

- Debby Harvey, President and COO - Ron Jon Surf Shop